Tax Accountant In Point Cook

If you choose Motion Accountancy to be your tax accountant in Point Cook, you have access to a wealth of business advice. Our service is on-going because we generate long-term results and see that you are progressing with your financial arrangement. We’ll begin by looking into the current structure of your business and defining your status. The most common structures in Australia are:

  • Sole trader
  • Partnership
  • Family (discretionary) trust
  • Company

Personal Tax Returns

We will take out the worry of dealing with the ATO and help you with your taxes.

These different structures come with varied financial obligations, so if you’re starting up a business for the first time, this is a great opportunity to learn about the pros and cons. Your accountant will go through the options and tailor your financial plan to suit your style of business. If you’re looking for a reliable tax accountant in Point Cook to manage your business structure, call 0422 735 047 and chat to Markus about the possibilities.

Tax Planning and Minimisation

As a renowned tax accountant in Point Cook, two of the more commonly requested services we offer are tax planning and tax minimisation. It’s no secret that all businesses are looking to reduce their tax liability within the spectrum of Australian Law. To achieve the greatest results in this area, we encourage our clients to plan in advance and schedule a meeting towards the end of the financial year for assessment. We have curated a few tips which will help with the planning process:

  1. Prepare a detailed stocktake—write off any worthless stock items.
  2. Write off bad debts.
  3. Trustee resolutions—make sure they are prepared and signed.

Tax planning is the smartest alternative as a small business, so we’ll help you create a checklist of everything else you need to collate before end of the financial year. As your trusted tax accountant in Point Cook, call us for more info!

Cloud Accounting

Did you know that as a well-rounded tax accountant in Point Cook, we also offer Cloud Accounting? In case you hadn’t already heard of it, Cloud Accounting is essentially managing your accounts online. In the same way that other “cloud” systems work, all of your data is secured on the platform. This is a very convenient option because you can access your details at any time, from anywhere. Motion Accountancy can arrange a cloud accounting package, which also enables us to access your information to assist and advise at any time. You can also invite other users to view this information, such as bookkeepers, to better manage your financial documents. The fees that you pay to support this technology are 100% tax deductible. This makes Cloud Accounting an excellent alternative for people managing multiple accounts. For more information on this service from our tax accountant, call or email at any time.

For your tax returns, tax planning, accounting, business structure advice, cloud accounting information and more, contact Motion Accountancy. We’re happy to offer a free, no-obligation consult to meet our tax accountant in Point Cook and learn more about our service offerings. Call 0422 735 047!